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Monday, 18 June 2018
It's now 10:10 PM in Singapore

ESPZEN 3 HRS Men's Futsal Tournament 3pm to 6pm at Offside Futsal Park

About the Tournament
ESPZEN is constantly looking to break new ground, and our latest initiative will be another first in Singapore. Desire for futsal tournaments in Singapore has never been stronger, our midweek futsal leagues are growing season by season.. however there are certain teams who are unable to commit to a full season and there are other teams who find playing one league match is not enough to fulfil their futsal appetite and joining a weekend league might stretch their resources. In addition there are teams who are fed up just playing a mini game with their mates each week and want some real futsal action. The tournament duration (3 hrs) and timing is perfect. The action on the pitch will be fast and furious, the turnaround between games will be rapid. 4 teams playing 4 teams resting. Some games will be back to back for some teams - energy, stamina, futsal skills, a futsal brain all key to success. Complement your sporting week with our revolutionary 3hrs futsal league, a great afternoon out with the lads and a great way to keep fit. The tournament model is simple

  • Teams: 8 teams
  • Players: 8 players per team (5 on court, 3 subs)
  • Number of games: Each team plays 7 games
  • Number of pitches used: Games take place on 2 indoor futsal courts
  • Game duration: 9 mins per game, no half time break
  • Tournament Duration: 3 hours only
  • Shin pads: compulsory
  • Football boots / blades forbidden only astro turf footware allowed
  • Referees: experienced Futsal referees from ESPZEN futsal leagues.
  • Tournament Management: ESPZEN
  • Tournament Governance: Strict - letís play : fair play
  • Pricing: 7 games of futsal for only SGD180 per team per tournament
  • Trophy: League Champion will receive trophy and 8 medals, Runners up will receive 8 medals.


1 Day Futsal Rules Quick Rules PDF

CLICK HERE to start the Registration process

Thank you for your interest in registering for the ESPZEN League - this league has already started, however if you are interested in joining this league for the new season please send an email to
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